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Originally, Rodney Doyle used this directory for his damplands diary but abandoned it. Then when fed-up zine started he recycled it to host fed-up.
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fed-up 7 (PDF).
fed-up 8 (PDF)(NEW 27-August-2007) .

This site is independent from the rest of the internet.
Latest News 27-August-2007 I neglected to add fed-up 8 so I have done it now (pdf file).
Older News 24-April-2007 Readers, room not as cold now. have uploaded fed-up 7 as a PDF instead of html. Pdf file is a few hundred K.

16 November 2006: Readers, my room is something of a no-go area now that it's winter as we have no heating so I can't sit at the computer for more than a few minutes before hypothermia sets in, so I can't work on the next fed-up except for scribbling notes with a biro in my note pad and maybe later I can type them up.

September 2006: Issue 7 written. I did about ten copies in work and posted them out. More to follow.
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Other stuff in this folder:
Article I found about doormen in Dublin.
Another article from same paper
Letters to paper criticising Irish radio.

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