Various angry letters regarding yuppie radio stations (I don't listen to them).

Sir, — Radio is being slowly but inexorably infiltrated by American accents, some of them genuine, many affected. This is presumably to make the product seem cool, hip and appealing to the young. The most irritating example of all is 2FM's ludicrous jingle now played after every news bulletin in which a deep American voice, which sounds like a prolonged belch, proclaims (often after eight solid minutes of talk): "While the other stations are still talking, we're playing more music".

DJs on 2FM (more so than those of the "other stations") frequently talk hysterically with silly American accents (e.g. Tony Fenton saying to a caller: "Get outta heah"). Far from making them sound cool, they just sound stupid. Why can't they use their own accents?

Could it be because the image consultants to whom they have probably paid a fortune to advise them on improving their slipping ratings suggested it, along with the British Labour Party trick of repeating the words "fresh" and "new" as often as possible all day long in the hope that it will fool people into not noticing that the programmes are just the same as the previous ones? The underlying premise that young people are dumb is insulting and will hopefully be rewarded with further falls in the ratings.—Yours, etc.,---------

SIR, — Listening to various radio ads, I get the distinct impression that the consumer world is being taken over by a middle class couple from Donnybrook. They twitter on endlessly about how "wonderful" their new home loan is, his "fabulous" new car and so on. I can imagine them: the type that look like they were sold together as a set, simpering on about their perfect, satisfying partnership and great financial arrangements.

Could the ad agencies and their clients please ban this crass-sounding couple from the radio? They are irritating, unlikeable and there are too many out there already without us having to put up with them in the privacy of their own car. Yet I fear, as the tiger grows even more corpulent, we'll be hearing even more of them in the future, brainwashing every citizen into thinking they need to aspire to such phoniness. I beg you, no more.—Yours etc., ---------

A bad trip
Sir—I have recently returned from a week's holiday in Ireland and I would like to comment that I was not at all impressed by the order of things. Once I arrived in Dublin (Heuston Station) my ears were bombarded by a continuous barrage of junk music and idiotic comment from 2FM, this situation remained constant for the entire duration of my holiday in North West Mayo (Ballina and Belmullet). The situation was made even worse by rude behaviour of bar staff, and the endless train of spooks that seem to infest modern day Ireland. Add to this the enormous expense of holidaying in Ireland, with huge air fares and hotel costs and you already understand why Ireland does not present an attractive proposition for the tourist.—PJ O'Reilly, London

(from Sunday Indo, 17-Sept-2000)

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