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Frederick Rossmore Wauchope Eveleigh de Moleyns 1861 - 1923

(5th Baron Ventry)


Frederick Rossmore Wauchope Eveleigh de Moleyns was born in 1861.  He was educated at Harrow from 1876 -  1879.  He joined the 4th Hussars in 1882 and was made Captain in 1890.  He was Commander of Police in Mashonaland in 1896.  He served in the Mashonaland operations from 1896 - 1897 being in general command of troops there in 1897.  He retired in 1901.


In 1883 his family estates consisted of 93,629 acres in Co. Kerry, worth 17,067 a year.  His principal residence was Burnham House.


He never married and died at Brighton in 1923 aged 61.  He was buried at Stapleford, near Melton Mowbray.  As he left no heir the title of Lord Ventry passed  to Arthur William (2nd eldest of Dayrolles Blakeney de Moleyns' children).

Next in line - William de Moleyns 1864 - 1936 - 6th Baron Ventry