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William Townsend Mullins - 1761 - 1827

(2nd Baron Ventry)


William Townsend Mullins was born in 1761.  He was admitted to Trinity College Dublin in 1779.  He married Sarah Ann Falkiner in 1784.  They had two daughters, Anne and Elizabeth.  Sarah Ann Falkiner died in 1788.  His second marriage was to Frances Elizabeth Sage in 1790.  This marriage was dissolved by an Act of Parliament in 1796.  He married a third time - to Clara Jones in 1797.  He had a son by this marriage who was born in 1798 and died unmarried in 1817 aged 18 years.


William Townsend Mullins was M.P. for Dingle from January  to December 1800.  He took over the title of Lord Ventry in 1824 on the death of his father.  He then presented a memorial to the Viceroy setting  forth that he was anxious to change the title of Ventry to that of Lord Baron Burnham, of Burnham, Co. Kerry.


"in as much as it (Ventry) is obnoxious to a disagreeable and unpleasant interpretation in continental languages, and would expose memorialist to contempt and ridicule.....when travelling abroad." (1)


He was killed tragically in a hunting accident in Killarney in 1827 (2)  As he had no  heir he was succeeded by his nephew Thomas Townsend Aramberg.


(1) See Complete Baronetage, vol V, p.439

(2) There seems to be some confusion on this point.  According to G.E.C. Geoffrey H. White, R.S.Lee, "The Complete Peerage, or a history of the House of Lords and all its members from the earliest times" St Catherine Press, London 1959; vol. XII pp. 238 - 241  William Mullins died on 5th October 1827 at his residence Chateau de la Cocherie, near Boulogne.

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