eddie moroney sound clips

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* bollocks of a ref * that bollocks, that number 6
* ..and he kicks it across the field to * he's gone to the dugout no.18...the man with the swollen knee
* ...and it's in the back of the net * there's a free out here to be taken by (i dunno)
* ...the bear is coming out * there will be another heavy day...
* ...he got a boot on the head * take him on lukie
* ...brian connolly, conran * what is going on at all
* ...brian connolly, kenneally, connolly * will ye kick the ball...
* kicked and bruises * it's lobbin'...
* and lukie's on the ground * and the referee is looking around and acting the mickey
* ...what the hell is his name? * the score is
* and no. 12 is ....??? * and he's coming out...
* over the bar * won't even kick a f*****g point
* the bollocks has given a penalty * he's pulling, dragging him to the ground
* a brilliant save... * i think i'm going to be sick
* i think i feel like getting sick * ...my false teeth are coming out
* will ye wake up * he must have no wipers on his glasses
* ... he's only winded * eddie feels a spot of indigestion coming on
* aherlow win the game and eddie goes a bit crazy * it's definitely probably one of the greatest days in aherlow in gaa circumstances
* GAA match - this is some of the above clips combined (560 kb)
* Download all the above clips in one zip file (apart from GAA match) - 1.5 mb

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