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Amateur Radio

Puffin and Amateur (Ham) Radio

Puffin & Twister are licensed to operate Amateur (Ham) Radio while airborne.

The specially issued call-sign is *EI-2-AIR. When flying, we can work the world using the Echolink® wireless internet linking system.

*EI 2 AIR is an Irish Amateur (Ham) Radio call-sign issued by Comreg and licensed to the Ballooning & Amateur Radio Club of Ireland with aeronautical mobile privileges aboard a Hot Air Balloon.

When we fly the balloon within line of sight of the EI2AIR base station back in Dunshaughlin, we can communicate with Radio Hams all over the world.

This is done via a licensed VHF/UHF radio link live from the Balloon back to base, where the radio modulation is transposed instantaneously onto the internet using Voice Over I.P (VOIP) technology via an established Echolink® authorised broadband gateway.

EI 2 AIR Echolink Node Number:

The International Space Station

The International Space Station
Our Interest in the International Space Station is because as a licensed radio ham I can communicate directly with the International Space Station.

Amateur Radio is resident on the Space Craft, which suits alot of astronauts as most are licensed Radio Amateurs.

In U.S. space mission lingo, a ham radio station aboard the International Space Station is know as the ARISS Experiment, a joint effort of NASA, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), and the Radio Amateurs Satellite Corporation (AMSAT).

It turns out that amateur radio has been a great hobby for men and women in space. Numerous American astronauts, who also are licensed amateur radio operators, have taken ham gear along on U.S. space shuttle flights.

In fact, the entire five-person crew of shuttle Atlantis flight STS-37 in 1991 was licensed and on the air from outer space.

Click to go to NASA Satellite Tracking Page

Live tracking of the NASA Human Space Flight Satellite


This information gives us an indication as to when our Amateur
Radio Equipment is in range of the space craft.

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