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Hotair.ie Flight Information Page
We try to fly at the weekends and on weekdays whenever the
weather is suitable.

Our flights take place in the few hours just after sun-rise or just
before sun-set, this is because the air is calmest at these times.

What to Expect on a Balloon Flight
Hotair.ie Flight Information
Please note the below information is for illustrative purposes only.
BalloonTeam.net flies in a non commercial capacity and as such
all flights are private.


  • Everyone meets at a predetermined spot, usually half an hour before daybreak for a morning flight or in the late afternoon for an evening flight.
  • After a cup of coffee and a short flight briefing, the adventure begins.
  • At this time, the wind direction is determined and a launch site is chosen.
  • Launch sites are dotted around the north east, so that no matter where the wind is coming from, we are guaranteed a lovely flight.
  • The actual launch of the hot air balloon usually takes no more than half an hour after arrival at the launch site.
  • The balloon and basket are carried in a custom built trailer.
  • The basket is laid on its side and the gaily coloured fabric is pulled out of its bag.
  • Flying wires from the "envelope" are attached, and the whole system is given a "walk around" inspection by the pilot.
  • Initially, a large fan is used to direct cold air into the envelope - later the burner is fired, thus heating the air already in the balloon.
  • As the warm air expands, the envelope rises into position above the basket, ready for flight ... a sleeping beauty... Puffin is brought to life.


As Puffin can only move in the direction the wind is blowing and cannot return to the launch site, it is necessary for the ground crew to follow in a retrieve vehicle.

Communication between the pilot and ground is maintained via two-way radio link on the aviation frequency of 122.475 Mhz (a.m).

Flights are usually 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration.

At the final landing point, the retrieve crew assist in packing up Puffin, and then everyone joins in for the traditional beer... 'a Puffin pint' at the nearest hostilary.

Balloonteam.net liase with the Irish Thoroughbred Breeders Association

Irish Thoroughbred Breeders Association website

Coming from a farming background (I.F.A Member) and being involved with our family equine interests. We take great care when we come across bloodstock, livestock, piggeries, deer, greyhounds and poultry.

We follow defined and recognised flight maneuvers when circumstances present themselves in this regard.

We also keep our maps fully marked up with sensitive areas, please feel free to submit any concerns via this email link:

We take great care when we fly over bloodstock or livestock.

Photo: Courtesy P. Murphy, Dunshaughlin.
Landowner Relations

When we over-fly bloodstock and other sensitive areas as described above, it is standard procedure to climb to 1000ft+ and switch over to a secondary burner system called a "whisper burner".

What this does is burn propane liquid instead of propane vapour thus giving a much quieter flame which can barley be heard from this high altitude.

If you are a Balloonist and wish to access the BalloonTeam.net database of horse stables or stud farms in the North East region of Co. Meath - please click here

From start to finish the balloon adventure takes about 3 hours,
yet the experience leaves warm memories which will last a lifetime and then, come a nice stable day, we do it all over again!
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