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Hotair.ie Retrieval Information Page

Every balloon flight requires a retrieve crew, this is why the
retrieve crew are as important as the pilot.

Without one the flight cannot take place.
The retrieve crew usually consists of a driver and navigator.

Follow that Balloon!

Hotair.ie Retrieve Vehicle and Personnel
The Retrieve, a very important part of the whole operation.
Retrieve crew Marie and Alison prepare for the ground adventure.
The retrieve crew pack the fan and fire extinguisher away after Puffin has taken off and then follow it in the vehicle.
Following Puffin would be like a game of cat and mouse if it weren't for the pilot relaying information about Puffin's position using the radio.

Once Puffin lands the retrieve will collect the pilot, then find and talk to the land owner to get permission to collect the balloon.
Once permission is granted the vehicle and trailer are driven as close
to the balloon as we are permitted to get, often we are allowed to drive to
the balloon but other times we have to drive to the field gate.

Reward ourselves with breakfast Once Puffin is packed into the trailer, we head for a café for breakfast or pub for a drink. Celebrate with  a beer
Being a retrieve is a great way to experience ballooning for free as well
as learning about ballooning and the countryside -
the best bit is that there is no charge for retrieving!
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