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Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line

What is it?
Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line is a technology which piggybacks an RF signal onto a regular phone line. This allows you to boost speeds on the line from 33.6Kbps to 512Kbps for data.

Can it be used to provide TV services?
Yes! Both BTopenworld, the new broadband internet division of BT, and eircomireland plan to offer Video on Demand services via ADSL. BTopenworld also plans to provide broadcast TV by the end of this year. Eircom also wishes to provide broadcast TV, however this is subject to the consent of the Office of the Director of Telecommunications Regulation who must approve the service. The cable companies object to this, and the ODTR has commissioned a major review of this. See ICDG's News Centre for details.

Until details of TV services are unvieled, these pages will carry the latest news on both BTopenworld and Eircom I-Stream.

Latest news - Eircom to launch I-Stream without TV service in Autumn 2001. See ICDG News for exclusive details. Eircom have opened a broadband internet website, which you can visit at http://home.eircom.net/broadband/index.html We'll have a special preview feature on Eircom I-Stream here in August.

Details to follow