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ICDG on Internet Relay Chat!

ICDG now has its own IRC channel, #icdg ! You can chat live online about all things broadcasting, at QuakeNet.

The address is ign.ie.quakenet.org , #icdg . Alternatively, a web based interface is at http://www.boards.ie/chat/index.php?room=icdg

ICDG News Centre updated 25/3/04

NTL adds TMF to analogue service
The Music Factory is being added to NTL’s analogue service in Dublin.

Sky poaches Grainne Seoige
Sky has poached Grainne Seoige from TV3 News to present its Irish Nine O’Clock News.

NTL closes local channels
NTL has closed its local channels, Link and Cabletext. It is rumoured that QVC will replace them shortly.

NTL adds extra BBC channels
NTL has added BBC THREE, BBC FOUR, BBC NEWS 24, CBBC, and CBeebies to its Dublin digital service.

UTV and Sky “agreement in principle”
The Sunday Times (Irish Edition) has reported that Ulster Television plc and British Sky Broadcasting plc have reached a deal in principle that will allow UTV to be broadcast on Sky in the Republic of Ireland.

Sky News to launch separate Irish programmes
Sky News is to launch separate Irish versions of the Nine O’Clock News and Review of the Week programmes.

RTE introduces on-screen logos
RTE has introduced on-screen logos (DOGs) on both RTE ONE and Network 2

Software update for some NTL boxes
The software for some NTL STBs has been updated to v5.36, giving a 3-day EPG and teletext subtitles, plus fixing some problems.

More new channels for NTL Digital
NTL Digital has launched seventeen new TV and eleven new radio channels on its digital TV service in Dublin, and has also re-ordered its EPG.

Cathal Goan appointed DG of RTE
Cathal Goan has been appointed Director General of Radio Telefis Eireann.

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ICDG Rumour Mill updated 6/3/02
The latest rumours - unconfirmed and they may not be true!

NTL to add new channels to digital?

NTL Ireland for sale?

UTV to launch South service on Sky Digital?

MTV to launch seperate Irish service?.

TV3 and TG4 on way to NTL NI?

Sky to launch Irish adverts on Nickelodeon, Sky Sports?

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ICDG Highlights

SkyDigital Campaign
Prompted by the arrival of BBC ONE, BBC TWO, and BBC TEXT, contributors to our Digital Satellite forum (now over 500 posts) have suggested a campaign to get other channels also to go on the platform. I agree completely, so we have a feature on the subject, giving you the contact details for each of these companies.

Digital TV FAQ
All you need to know about going digital in <:country-region>
Ireland north and south. Updated regularly.

The Gallary
A look at the various EPGs in use by digital TV companies in <:country-region>Ireland.

Broadcasting Act 2001
We look at the new legislation and what it means for TV in <:country-region>Ireland.

SCTV Digital
Taking a look at the deflector company's plans for digital MMDS.

Guide to Free-To-air Digital Channels
Digital TV isn't just about pay-TV. We look at the terrestrial broadcasters plans for free to air digital channels.

Chorus Sports Channel
A look at the local service for ex-IMC Chorus customers - also coming soon to a Digital TV near you...

Channel Lists.
ICDG's Tuning guide for multichannel systems. While the channel lists section is now basically complete (in terms of regions covered) I still need frequencies for quite a lot of the Chorus lists and decoder numbers for the NTL lists. Also anyone who can provide lists for the small independent operators - please help! icdg@oceanfree.net

A Tour of NTL Digital
We take a graphical tour around the EPG of the NTL Digital service...

Cable Modems
A new way to get on the net, faster. Cable modem services are set to revolutionise the way PC users get on line. Only problem is, they're dead expensive. We report on cable modems in general, plus focuses on <:country-region>
Ireland's three cable modem services - NTL's ntlWorld High Speed, Chorus (ex-CMI) CableNet, and Casey's CableSurf.

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