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Channel 9 TV - Derry

  • Channel Nine Television (TVC9) holds the Restricted Service Licence from the ITC for Derry.

  • It is Ireland's only local terrestrial station!

  • It broadcasts from Sherrifs Mountain Transmitter, on the outskirts of Derry. Both BBC transmission company Castle-Crown (CTI) and ITV transmission company NTL Broadcast Ltd are providing the facilities. Since launch, transmitter power has been extended to allow reception in Limevady, Strabane, and Colraine have also recieved

  • The station went on air on 9th October, 1999. More than 40 hours of original programmes were produced prior to launch.

  • Station equipment includes 7 broadcast digital camera systems, 2 Avid suites and one linear suite.

  • The station is a member of the Local Independent Television Network (LITN).

  • Live programming includes local news bulittens.

Thanks to Mike McGonagle for the ident above. It doesn't look a thing like Australian channel Nine Network's ident at all...Mike has also provided me with some pages from C9's teletext service which you can see below:

9 Text's Home Page. Note the old logo...

All about C9. The number from the south is 048 71289900

Now a typical day's schedule. Styarting with the morning. Oh look, an ITV programme - HTV West's Cybernet.

And the second half. Sky News obviously playing a crucial role in TVC9's schedules.

Adverts on C9 are really cheap! Thats 048 (south) /028 (north) instead of the old area code now.


I had intended putting together more info on Channel 9, but Robert Brown's Grundies' World beat me too it.
Find out all about C9, its local programmes, its adverts, and its idents at:


For an older Channel 9 logo see their not very large offical website @


To find out more about the RSL stations in Britain, visit the Local Independent Television Network @