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If you are on this page, it probably means one of three things:

A. You have javascript disabled. This site has a tabbed interface which requires javascript. You can still see everything on the site without it of course, you just miss out on my attractive navigation bar, which I spent a long time coding.

B. You're using a screen reader or some kind of text-only browser. If you have any comments or questions on the accessibility of this site, please send an email to "access at doubt dot it".

C. You're a web spider. Hello spider.

Here are plain links to the primary sections of the site:

The Comic This is my webcomic.

Cartoons I draw cartoon to illustrate books and magazines. In this section there's a gallery of some of my favorites.

The Phoenix The Phoenix is a satirical magazine based in Ireland. Here are some of the cartoons and comic strips I've done for it.

Writing This section features samples of the humorous column I write for a newspaper called the City Tribune.

Tablet PC The Tablet PC is an innovative new kind of computer. This section will tell you all about it.

Avant Avant is my favorite browser. Here are some user tips.