Since this is a new piece of software their isn't much by way of a history.

Oct 2000
Released MP3 Workshop v2.01
Increased max number of jobs to 300
Increased reliability of getting CD Drive handles
You can now change the properties of multiple jobs in the job queue
Hopefully fixed 'TTrackbar property out of range' bug
Fixed bug which stopped MP3Works.cfg being written and First Run window always being shown.
Added vertical lines to the visualisation
Released MP3 Workshop v2.0
 Fixed huge bug when resampling doesn't change file size.
Fixed error when selecting Contents from Help Menu
Removed bladeenc.dll from the Full Version (decided LAME was better overall)
Can now handle very long filenames (caused errors before)
Added calibration for normalization levels from WAV files
Removed some other misc. bugs and hopefully made it more stable
Fixed bug when normalizing WAVs.
Added calibration with WAVs for normalizing options.
Added option to hide main window while processing.
Added abililty to rename files according to their tags.
Added Process Queue... menu option and change of job type menu.

Sep 2000
Greatly improved MP3 Retag job type.
Added the change of job type function to the menu.
Added ability to take tags from filenames of different formats in MP3Retag mode.
Added Fade In/Out Effect.
Added support for wildcards in playlist name.
Added ability to use subdirectories in CD-Extraction file format.
Added ability to create subdirectories needed for output file.
Added the MP3 Splitter Tool (still a bit buggy).
Added Back and Stop to the Enter Disc Info box.
Removed the registry error message-box which comes up under Win 2000.
Released MP3 Workshop v1.1
Added feature to write .m3u playlists from the queues.
Added support for queueing .m3u playlists (Still a bit buggy but it should be able to handle most playlists).
Added Change In Volume line to the Log when normalizing.
Added Partial Rip section to CD Tracks window.
After much programming, testing and tweaking I finished MP3 Workshop v1.0 and released it.

June 2000
Added decoding and resampling capabilities.
Added CD extraction capabilities and MP3 Workshop began to take shape.

May 2000
Started writing what would eventually become this program as a simple MP3 Encoder.